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All about Siamese

The Siamese is one of the most notable types of felines. One of the most fantastic facts about Siamese Kittens is their color only develops after they are born. This is due to a fascinating blend of genetics inheritance and heat-sensitive enzymatic action that takes place during each kittens development in the womb.
The Siamese kitten color you see when you come to view your kitten is a far cry from the way this breed begins life. All Siamese kittens are Born WHITE.

Siamese kittens have a high status right from the ancient period. In the ancient era, Siamese cats were owned only by Kings and Queens. The Siamese breed is given preference over other animals due to their high socializing ability combined with inherited intelligence. They talk a lot and that's what makes them different from other cats. Bonding with Siamese kittens can be easily developed as they are very friendly with their owners. Dog-friendly families will turn out to be siamese friendly as these cats will play fetch and retrieve with their children.